Australia: Discover hundreds of drivers positive for drugs in Victoria

By | June 11, 2016

A number of truck drivers tested positive for drugs in Victoria rose to alarming levels in the past month.
According to police statistics, up to 6% of truck drivers tested positive for drugs, while 1/6 of the drivers have been depleted by the use of this type of prohibited substances.

While deployed Operation Austrans, police spot check of 3500 trucks and heavy vehicles across the state of Victoria in February last year.

Mr. Wayne Cully, a senior police officer under the management team of heavy trucks, said police discovered a wide variety of different violations of the truck drivers, including speeding allows , using mobile, unregistered vehicle or technical malfunctions, especially a lot of people were found positive for drugs.

Victoria Traffic Officer

In 3507 the number was checked in last May, has 487 violations so tired, 544 cases of damaged vehicles, 37 cases of speeding allows. Specifically, every 16 cases, 1 cases were found positive for drugs.

Last year, the Victoria police force also noted an increase in the number of mutations truckers driving is detected in the state affected by the drug ice.

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